"Tell him come on help you get your sh…uitcase"

Yoza - No Diggity/ Tyrone

When the wind no longer carries you

When the wind no longer carries you


TDA House designed by Cadaval+Sola Morales. 


I am tied up in strings
of feeling, left questioning
if this love is a goal
I have to reach or a fate
I should cut myself free of.
I find courage
stuck between my fingers
& I find truth in my teeth,
but my heart spooks like a horse
whenever I start to think that you 
could ever love me & so my mouth runs
like a broken faucet as I try to speak
about everything but the weakness in my knees
when I allow myself to be aware of the train
rumbling under my feet, the ticket
already paid for 
by the both us. 


In the blanket 
of flesh,
The night calls
in a proper salutation.
Not words colliding 
or tongues indisposed.
We need to pour
our thoughts into actions.
When touching isn’t a
mere affirmation.
So is fucking, I guess.
It gets too strange 
to call it a chore.
After all,
Living alone itself
is a tiring endeavor.
Stop pressing pause.
And just melt away with me.


Getting organized for the big move. And these are just the cameras I use ✨

Insomnia Medication by way of Volcano


China has peelable banana popsicles.. Our technology is inferior.