Elmo in Waikiki, representing Aloha Fixed



Yes, hell has frozen over. Im rockin’ J’s today.

rock em one more time before they go back in the box



on nights like this, the moon whispers ‘what ifs’ in halos,

as if to pass on a secret Icarus told her the night before his wings melted

you see. from her vantage point, she can see us both.

on opposite sides of the map wishing we could simply google our way into eachothers arms.

her pale hue reflects both the messages you sent. and the secrets you keep.

the reasons you weep into 400 threadcounts of revisionist history

sinking slowly down, into goose feathers.

embracing soft plumes of ‘what ifs’, and trying to avoid the quills of ‘what was’

but for us…

its irrelevant

see, once his wings melted, Icarus was earthbound.

standing in wax puddles of his own bad decisions

surrounded by mere mortals whose flesh spoke symphony’s of  possibility

and whose fragile nature left crests in seascapes of plastic fantasies.

the foam on the folded lips of rabid waves dont speak insanity quite like you do

and once the saltwater turned to taffy, and the taffy into hard candy. we discover our sweet tooth makes way for more ‘what ifs’ to hide in cavities

but i suppose im just another ‘all day sucker’ on extended paternity leave, trying to father a pastime worthy of remembrance

…but i will never forget you

- Chew Knives

Filet Mignon and Tater Tots for dinner.

Eating like a ghetto KING

exerpt from a new piece (thus far untitled)

If you had given me enough time to filter out our insecurities I promise I could have turned gasoline into drinking water… but then again you had a tendency to make me want to breath fire. Born of dragon scales we pulled from the washboard we used to clean our dirty laundry on, “we” grew from soil to root to blossom. Back then we could light candles with exhales and be the angels that existed before the smoke rings. We would watch the sheen from our scales pull the sun from the sky and make night come early and make us come… to a moment of clarity. Where did the days go?

someone caught me on the job.